Inner Sanctum - Work in progress

So far 21 images competed for this new series. For previews, background info and additional scenes for this and other projects have a look at my Tumblr Page.

The 7th Circle - Part IV - Completed

Animation of 12 min completed and available for all patrons. Follow the links on my Tumblr page and enjoy the ride!

Centaur Gym

Anonymous commission with very kind permission to be published here. Two centaurs compare size and diameter at the gym. A third athlete helps to decide what matters most.

Blogger is not always happy with the content of my work and to prevent any further issues, the rest of this series are available on Telemachus, who kindly hosts a complete overview of my work.

Work in progress update

I'm currently still working on the final scenes for The 7th Circle - Part IV and for Part II of The Prince of the Nile I've completed 72 images, so the first chapter is neafly completed. For more info on this and other projects, please follow the links on my Tumblr page.

The Champion - Part II

With special thanks to all my Patrons!  For the extended version of this series and lots of additional images follow the links on my Tumblr page.