Pic of the Week - The Enchanted Forest

In the realm of fairy tales, a mischievous satyr finds a resting knight in the middle of a dark forest. Will he be able to awaken the sleeping beauty?...

You can find a short version here on my blog, the complete series and many other projects are available on my Index Page

BIG - Project currently in Progress

The senior student's mundane shift unexpectedly turns when a towering figure enters the shop. More on this and all my other projects can be found on my Index Page

Animation Project - Chapter 18 in Progress

In this animation project, we return to the Solaris-1 Space Station, where Harry explores new frontiers, that no man has dared to go before. For more on this and other projects, please have a look at my Index Page

Deep Space - Part 2

This series of stills is part of the Deep Space animation project, where Harry explores new frontiers on board the Solaris-1 Space Station. You can find more about this and many other projects on my Patreon Index Page